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Review. — Summer Detox Program Testimonials!

Still trying to decide if the Eat Well. Play More. Summer Detox is right for you? Here are a few testimonials…


“While on the detox, I felt lighter and leaner…I also lost 9 pounds, and that was even with adding a little fish and chicken at dinner the last 2 days (I was running 3-4 miles a day and I felt I needed the extra protein). The biggest change I noticed was how much quicker I fell asleep at night and how much easier it was to get up each morning. I really enjoyed all the salads and am much more aware of how easy it is to get extra veggies into my day-to-day diet and make my own delicious and satisfying dressings without all the processed “junk”!”

— Liz K. 28

“I enjoyed the detox, overall. I felt lighter, discovered some new smoothies, and some new snack & salad ideas. I had reduced nasal congestion, no heartburn, and I wasn’t hungry at all. I discovered that tomatoes are likely the culprit for the skin outbreaks on my hands! I will continue to enjoy the smoothies & the Morning Elixir.  Even though I was pretty mindful of what I was eating prior to the detox, I find myself thinking more about what I’m putting in my mouth at meals and snacks. I’m trying to include more veggies, fruits and seeds in my diet, as well.  Thanks for the updates & support!”

— Jewell H., 55

“I think I have completely turned myself around thanks to the Eat Well. Play More. Summer Detox Program. I don’t crave the bad stuff…don’t want it in my body. I’m making good choices and the food problems I have, I think were too much dairy and too many salads. My stomach pains are gone! I highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to see a life change in their relationship with food. I feel like I have a new lease on life. I have more energy and I’m hopeful I can come off some of the medicines I’ve been on. Thanks to Eat Well. Play More. Summer Detox Program.”

–Jan F., 63


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