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Intend. — At This Time Last Year: Three Easy Steps To Living With Intention

At this time last year, my refrigerator was full of diet soda, fruit juice drinks and chicken nuggets. There were boxes of crackers in the cabinet nestled beside the sugary cereals.

At this time last year, I was a typical busy working Mom with a typical busy family on the go. We were always rushed, usually overwhelmed, often frustrated and even grumpy at times. We just reacted to every situation and were really missing the magic in the everyday moments.

But, it was at this time last year, we started making some changes. We stopped wasting our days and our health and our time together and really started paying attention. As complicated and as scary ahem, as interesting as life was at this time last year, we made the decision to start living each day with intention and engaging each day with positive action.

Don’t wait for the motivation that may come in the form of a diagnosis or major life event. Start now. Decide. Decide to make one little change everyday and you will be on your way to living an intentional life.

Step One:  Eat Well.

Just eat well. Be intentional with what you and your family use to fuel and energize your days. Go, look in your refrigerator and cabinet right now.  What do you see? Is your family’s ‘fuel’ full of sugar and processed dyes and genetically modified ingredients? Or does your family have access to real foods that were grown to provide the nutrition and energy that they need? Choose wisely. Look for organics and the happy little non-GMO labels. Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store and bring home more green things. See if you can buy one less box o’ something each week. Make one change at a time. You will soon see and feel the difference real food can make.

Step Two: Play More.

Get up and play more. When they come and ask you for the fourteenth time to play that board game, say YES!  Make a list with your family of things you want to do together, places you want to visit together, things you want to learn to do together. Then make some plans. Take 15 minutes to go outside and play some catch or kick a ball around or go for a bike ride. Trust me, the laundry will still be there when you get back, but you will be in a much better mood to take care of it later.  The energy from movement and laughter, not to mention a little Vitamin D will make you all feel so much better. Plus, you will have some fun with your family and those memories are truly magical.

Step Three:  Choose Happy.

Choose to be happy. You decide how you react to every situation, no matter how hard or frustrating. A deep breath and a quick joke can turn a terrible mess that could ruin a day into a fun and memorable moment. When things are complicated, stop and assess your mood. A good old fashioned attitude adjustment can make a difference in how much you achieve during a day, in the amount of laughs you enjoy and the type of energy you attract.

Take a lesson from the Hundred Acre Woods–Poohs and Tiggers tend to enjoy their adventures a lot more than the Eeyores and Rabbits. The difference? They chose happy. You can, too.


Then next year at this time, you too will be reflecting back on the changes you’ve made, saying things like, “At this time last year…”

Eat Well. Play More. Choose Happy. Live with Intention.

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2 comments on “Intend. — At This Time Last Year: Three Easy Steps To Living With Intention

  1. Jan
    July 9, 2013

    It’s amazing what a difference a year can make. Congratulations!

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