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Plan. — A List, Some Little Hands and a Few Sandwich Bags. Good to go!

We’re busy.

We are all busy. If you’re a mom with kids still at home, you’re busy times N (where N = # of kids + infinity).

And, we all intend for our family members to be healthy, to be alert, to be active, and really, to just feel good.

But…then…you know, we’re busy.

So we hear ourselves saying things like this:

“I don’t have time to cook a meal every night.”

“Cook? First I’d have to have time to plan! And shop!”

“These [insert packaged snack food] will be fine. We’re on the move!”

“But my kids LIKE these [insert packaged snack food]. That’s all they’ll eat!”

I get it. Been there, done that.

I don’t even need to list all the activities all of our kids participate in. Really, it’s overwhelming sometimes,  isn’t it?!

You want to Eat Well. Play More. and Choose Happy. We all do. We want that for our kids, our husbands, our wives, our extended families, and our friends. We INTEND to help our families eat well, play more and choose happy.

To live out those intentions, plans must be made!

Who doesn’t  love a good plan? It shows us where we need to be, and how we’re going to get there.

Start Small—This week, just plan for snacks. Going to the pool or park? How about some carrot sticks/ranch dressing, sliced cucumbers, sliced apples/peanut butter, almonds/peanuts, grapes, berries, raisins, natural/organic chips/popcorn, cheese cubes, or watermelon/cantaloupe cubes.

Remember water! Flavor with lime/lemon/orange, mint leaves, even cucumber.

Next—Time to shop. I know. It’s your favorite! MAKE A LIST!! Write down what you know your family likes to eat for healthy snacks (see list, above), and then…wait for it…add one NEW item you think they might like.

And, lastly—I hope you put “sandwich bags” on the grocery list! Because now, you start stuffing the bags. Let the kids help! They can cut bigger chunks of melon into smaller chunks with table knives or plastic knives. They can pull grapes off the stems. They can count out berries/raisins/nuts/carrot sticks into bags. They can spoon ranch or peanut butter into a small container. They can drop sliced cucumbers or fruits into reusable water bottles. They can wipe up the counter. (No, really. They can!)

Throw your snack bags into a cooler with an ice pack or three, and you are good to go…Eat Well. Play More. Choose Happy.

You’ve got this!


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