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Eat Well. Play More. Summer REFRESH program. It is time to REFRESH your body!

It is time.

Summer is in full swing. We’ve all been playing and enjoying the fun of the season.

Eating the goods on vacation, treating ourselves to sweets.

Raise your hand if you are feeling a little full? A little sluggish? A little slow on these hot August days?

It is time. Time to lighten up.

Time to refresh. Time to rejuvenate.

Time to clear out the junk and return to our lean, clean selves.

We take the time to clean out our cars, our closets, our refrigerators.

We do this because we get tired of the mess, the clutter, the junk everywhere.

We need to take the time to do the same thing for our bodies, our selves, our souls.

So, it is time.

Time to participate in the Summer Refresh!

We’ve even REFRESHED the name. We are not calling it a detox anymore.

We are not going to focus on the taking away, Sure, we are going to get rid of the processed, the sugar, the white refined garbage.

Instead…this time, we are going to focus on what we are adding in.

Good. Clean. Whole. Real. Food.

Foods that fill us up and help get rid of toxins we’ve been collecting over these summer months.

Foods that are from the earth, only available fresh during this season.

Foods that cool us on the inside, balancing the heat coming from the outside.

If you are ready to get REFRESHED this summer…it is time.

Click on the Eat Well. Play More. Summer REFRESH link over on the left here.

Learn more. Send us your questions.

This one. This one is going to be Ah.May.Zing.

You won’t want to miss it!

But you have to be quick. Hit the REFRESH button now.

This REFRESH is starting on August 25th and you have to be signed up by August 21st!

It is time.


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