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Hustle. — In Baby Steps

No, it’s not what you’re thinking. Get your mind out of the gutter.

And no, it’s not the awesome song,


by Van McCoy from the 70s (with accompanying line dance—aah, college).

But the song helps.

I am, along with over 3,000 Facebook “friends”, part of a group called “30 Days of Hustle”, led by Jon Acuff ( Starting January 1 this year, he is sending us a daily task to help us “do our hustle”. It’s all about setting goals, then taking steps to meet those goals. There’s a wide range of hustles, but many are in the areas of writing and weight loss. Go figure.

Now, we all know about SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant, and Time-Bound). I have to write two every year as part of the evaluation of my teaching job. Fun. Like a game. I don’t have as much emotional and mental energy invested in teaching as I used to, so this goal-writing is not fun. Like a game.

However. This “Do the Hustle”. This hustle…these goals…I DO have the emotional and mental energy invested!

I decided on two hustles for the 30 days of January 2014. We are to post them on the Facebook group if we want, but definitely are supposed to be writing them down somewhere, if not on FB.

As I write this, we’re on Day 7. I have no idea what’s coming next, so the anticipation in itself is energizing (if not a little stressful…what if I don’t know the answer?). So, in an effort to be accountable, here are my hustles. Each statement is my answer to each day’s “assignment”.

Hustle One:

What: Exercise or move 4 times/week, for 30 minutes

Why: Because I know exercise is good for me in so many ways, and ultimately, I want to live a very long and happy life with my husband and family, enjoying my home and activities

How: Put it on the calendar, get up off the couch, and just DO IT!

When: On weekdays, it’ll need to be in the evenings. On weekends, during the day. I sit down at the beginning of every week and plug in at least 4 (sometimes 5) times to exercise. I look ahead to see what’s going to get in the way (our trip to Savannah in mid-January, e.g.), and determine if there’s a way to work around or with those obstacles.

Fun: Mix up the movement—use DVDs, Fitness TV shows, a local yoga class, and if it ever gets warm, walking outside. Also, I’m using emojis on my iCalendar for a little fun.

Where: Depends on the activity, but…in my living room, at the yoga studio, outside.

Who: My business partner, Sharon. My husband, Chris. And, I’m going to ask my oldest daughter, Elizabeth. They’ll check on my progress & keep me accountable.

Hustle Two:

What: Write 4 blog posts

Why: To increase the web presence of our health coaching practice, so we can gather more clients, so I can quit teaching

How: Join a couple of FB groups on blogging, write down a blog/newsletter idea every day

When: 5 am on weekdays (yes, you read that right), put some time each weekend on the calendar

Fun: Use fun fonts, use different colors of pens if I’m writing longhand, use experiences from my life (just like I teach my Kindergartners to do during Writing Workshop!)

Where: In the La-Z-Boy in the living room, or in my office (I love saying those two words… “my office”)

Who: My business partner, Sharon, and hubby Chris.

So. You can be thinking about your hustle. Clearly, they don’t have to be big hustles. I’m not going to try to exercise every day this month—I know my life won’t allow that. I’m not going to learn to build a website this month—don’t have time right now (plus Sharon is doing that, and then going to teach me). I’m not planning on signing on 10 health coaching clients this month—not attainable or realistic.

But I can, and will, exercise 4 times each week. I can, and will, write 4 blog posts for our new website (to be announced soon!).

What is your hustle? Why is that your hustle? When will you hustle? How will you make it fun? How will you get your hustle on? Where will you hustle? Who will make sure you hustle?

Baby steps. It’s our mantra for our clients. Baby steps.

We can help you take those baby steps. And we can help you hustle. 

If your hustle includes getting healthier and making better choices, please contact Melissa  or Sharon.

And…be sure to friend us at   for more information on how to feel better…because there is no better feeling. 

There’s Melissa….doing something like the hustle on New Year’s Eve!


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